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Lessons Learned: Analyzing a Complex Multi-Site Monitoring Network for Utility A

This article, written by Edwin Roehl, CTO (primary) and John Cook, CEO (secondary) of Advanced Data Mining Intn’l, describes yet another, more complex, case study of Utility A in which data from upstream monitoring sites are used to account for water quality (WQ) variability at a “target site” that, if unaccounted for, “appears” to vary … Continue reading

Myth and Fact: Water Quality Measurements and Normal Distribution

Hi Water Quality and Water Security Followers, We have another series dealing with Water Quality that will feature Eyal Brill, PhD. He is the Chief Developer of the BlueBox Intelligent Event Detection System from Whitewater’s Quality and Security Division and Professor at Holon Institute of Technology. He will be providing us with his insights on statistics … Continue reading

Lessons Learned Part II: How Can I Know I Am Sampling at the Proper Frequency?

This is the second installment by John Cook and Edwin A. Rohl, Jr. of Advanced Data Mining International.  Their water quality research has enormous impacts to water security and event detection to improve the knowledge of operators, and ultimately provide benefits to public health. I hope you enjoy! “Spot” sampling is a common practice in the water … Continue reading

Frost&Sullivan Presentation: Addressing Water Utility Inefficiencies Through Smart Water Grids

Interesting slideshare presentation I came across from F & S  covering the water quality and security theme through smart water grids. Anyone else with case studies or information? Email me: noahm@w-water.com

Lessons Learned Series: Water Quality Part 1- Reconciling Finished Water with Distribution System Water Quality

Hi Fellow Bloggers, John Cook, CEO of ADMI is providing us with a look at lessons learned in his water quality research. The work will be presented in a more concise, palatable series.  The series will be broken down into 5 main themes: Reconciling Finished Water with Distribution System Water The critical importance of sampling frequency … Continue reading