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Outta Sight Outta Mind or Outta Mind Outta Sight: Clean Water and Why We Forget About It

Today we introduce a new blog series focusing on communicating the importance of clean drinking water to the consumer. Our guest blogger is Seth Johnstone. Seth works in the water industry helping to make water utility systems more sustainable through innovative technological applications, data-driven decision making, and business process improvement. and here we go… It’s a concept … Continue reading

A Unified Voice in the Water Sector?

I just read an interesting article in American Water Intel [December 2011 Issue] I wanted to share titled, “American Water Execs Plan Push for Cohesive Industry Voice.” According to the article the initial idea is being spearheaded by American Water ‘s CEO Jeff Sterba and backed by Xylem CEO Gretchen  McClain, Pentair CEO Randall Hogan, … Continue reading