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Controlling the Water Industry – Sludge III – Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble!

As promised in the last blog the subject that is being discussed this week is sludge digestion and some of the more simplified control systems and instrumentation surrounding this area and the possibilities that exist. Sludge digestion is probably one of the most common ways of dealing with sludge, getting a quality product from waste … Continue reading

Controlling the Water Industry – Sludge I – All that sludge…but how much do we actually have?

It’s a fact the water industry whether it be in drinking water treatment or in wastewater treatment produces a lot of sludge. A quick look through the Internet will give you a ball park estimate but to save you the time it is about 1.4 million dry tonnes in the UK and about 7 million … Continue reading

Controlling the Water Industry – Activated Sludge Part III – The solids in the plant go round and round

In the third post of this blog series on the problems associated within the activated sludge process and how to control them Oliver Grievson is going to look at the Return Activated Sludge system. So what problems are seen and how can they be fixed? A particular one that I have seen and this especially … Continue reading

Part II: What Constitutes Consent Failure?

This is the continuation of the Analysis of the Risk of Consent Failure of UK Wastewater Treatment Plants series from Alan Bland. I hope you enjoy: In the early 1990s, when this project was undertaken, the established sewage treatment works discharge consents were those originally issued under the 1963 Water Resources Act, referred to as WRA … Continue reading