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Controlling the Water Industry – Sludge IV – Its all about the product

This last blog in sludge management will attempt to sum up what the other three blogs have already said and add a little bit more, looking at sludge management from a holistic point of view. So what is sludge all about, it used to be how we dispose of the waste products from the wastewater … Continue reading

Controlling the Water Industry – Sludge II – How thick do you want it?

In this week’s blog Oliver Grievson looks at the most basic process of sludge treatment outside what is done on sites in settlement tanks or sludge tanks. He is of course thinking about mechanical thickening or dewatering, and will of course exclude picket fence thickening (it has its place but not in this blog). When … Continue reading

Controlling the Water Industry – Sludge I – All that sludge…but how much do we actually have?

It’s a fact the water industry whether it be in drinking water treatment or in wastewater treatment produces a lot of sludge. A quick look through the Internet will give you a ball park estimate but to save you the time it is about 1.4 million dry tonnes in the UK and about 7 million … Continue reading