Online Water Quality Monitoring

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The Convergence of Water Quality, Technology, and Security: Part I – Introduction

Recently, the CIPAC working group came out with their conclusions and recommendations on contamination warning systems – mainly the need is there, the technology exists, there is not a one size fits all system, and to make the business case we should look into the dual use of these systems to build an ROI model … Continue reading

Open Thread: How important is the use of data analytics to support decisions in your work?

This is an open thread, and meant to be a catalyst to discussion across the industry. Please provide your answer to the below poll and comment. This will only work with your help so don’t be shy! Suggested Questions for Commenting: A) Will the future of operations and maintenance rely on the use of advanced … Continue reading

Initial Survey Results: Perceived Value of Online Water Quality Monitoring

Water utilities serving more than 25 million customers from around the globe – USA, Latin American, Australia, Asia and across Europe – participated in this survey, which aims to shed some light on the current status and potential value of online water network monitoring. What are the key findings? From a preliminary analysis, it appears that most … Continue reading

Lessons Learned Series: Water Quality Part 1- Reconciling Finished Water with Distribution System Water Quality

Hi Fellow Bloggers, John Cook, CEO of ADMI is providing us with a look at lessons learned in his water quality research. The work will be presented in a more concise, palatable series.  The series will be broken down into 5 main themes: Reconciling Finished Water with Distribution System Water The critical importance of sampling frequency … Continue reading