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Archived Webinar: Water Analytics and Anomaly Detection with BlueBox

Hi WaterFront followers, The archived webinar is now available for your viewing pleasure below (I apologize for the quality as the recording software has some limitations). The webinar is broken into (3) clips: BlueBox, Case Study – Philadelphia Water Department, Q&A session. Presenters were: Oren Blonder, product marketing manager, Whitewater John Vogtman, water quality engineer, … Continue reading

Webinar: Water Quality Event Detection Made Easy

Great new webinar your’s truely will be hosting. Click on the image to register.

The Convergence of Water Quality, Technology, and Security: Part I – Introduction

Recently, the CIPAC working group came out with their conclusions and recommendations on contamination warning systems – mainly the need is there, the technology exists, there is not a one size fits all system, and to make the business case we should look into the dual use of these systems to build an ROI model … Continue reading

We can no longer waste water like Romans

I am happy to present fellow blogger and author, David Zetland, of the Aguanomics blog and The End of Abundance: economic solutions to water scarcity. This week David agreed to lend his expertise to the community on the topics of water pricing, reducing Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and incentives to induce change. I hope you enjoy, … Continue reading

How Do I Know That My Model Is Accurate?

Here is the second water quality monitoring post by guest blogger, Eyal Brill PhD, who is the Chief Scientist and Developer of the BlueBox Intelligent Event Detection System for Whitewater’s Quality and Security Division, and Professor at the Holon Institute of Technololgy in Israel. Models for water quality event detection are mainly statistical models. They … Continue reading

Emergency Management: Mutual Aid Mutual Benefit – Why Together is Better

We are starting a new series on Emergency Management featuring guest blogger Jared Serviss. Jared is a Senior Business Continuity and Emergency Management Planner from the City of Calgary. He is the Chair of the Alberta Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network (AbWARN), one of the only WARNs outside of the United States.  Due to … Continue reading

Lessons Learned Part II: How Can I Know I Am Sampling at the Proper Frequency?

This is the second installment by John Cook and Edwin A. Rohl, Jr. of Advanced Data Mining International.  Their water quality research has enormous impacts to water security and event detection to improve the knowledge of operators, and ultimately provide benefits to public health. I hope you enjoy! “Spot” sampling is a common practice in the water … Continue reading

Oil leak from refinary spilling cancer causing chemical

An oil leak coming from a Commerce City refinery is spilling a dangerous cancer-causing chemical into a nearby creek. On Thursday night, the Environmental Protection Agency said benzene levels in Sand Creek are 400 times the amount for drinking water standards.