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OECD Study Call for Opinions: How Can Policy Affect the Development and Deployment of Smart Water Systems

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David Lloyd Owen, ambassador for Pump Aid, columnist for Global Water Intel, and Managing Director of Envisager is carrying out an important study on behalf of the OECD on how policy can either help or hinder the development and deployment of smart water systems.

Background on the Study: 

For this study he defines “smart water systems” to include metering and monitoring, water and wastewater networks, flood and storm water management and the beneficial deployment of water in agriculture and market gardening.

The survey aims to look at all aspects of the water cycle, including domestic and municipal, commercial and industrial and agricultural use. I aim to make a series of concise case studies highlighting particular issues.

The survey will also consider the deployment of smart grids in the power sector as an example of how smart water may develop and how water and energy relate to each other and smart systems can complement each other.

Your opinions on the following questions will be GREATLY appreciated.  He is not looking for great depth, more for insights and examples where policy has had a role to play. The total report will be 40 pages long, so a brief set of observations are really useful.  Replies should only take about  few minutes writing on people’s experiences rather than days.

Six (6) Principal Issue he would like to receive your thoughts: 

  1. Have you encountered policies (laws, regulations and incentives as developed by Government and Intergovernmental agencies) that have had a direct impact on the development of smart water systems? How is policy helping or hindering the development and deployment of smart water systems?
  2. If so, what policies are these and what has been there effect?
  3. Are there any ways in which these policies can be improved? What should be done to address this and what should be avoided? What scope is there for integration between smart water and smart electricity (power) and how could linkages be developed between them? This applies both to the development of new approaches and to their practical application.
  4. Do you see smart power grids and metering as an opportunity for advancing the deployment of smart water systems?
  5. Have you come across any concerns about timing, economics, standards and interoperability and how these might also affect potential synergies with other smart utility systems?
  6. Is smart water in reality driven by the price or water and / or the price of energy?

The survey aims to concentrate on those countries where policy impacts have been most marked and will develop a set of brief case studies on these.

Please also contact David via his LinkedIn Group, via Tally Fox or

Dr David Lloyd Owen
Envisager Limited


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