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Open Thread: How important is the use of data analytics to support decisions in your work?

This is an open thread, and meant to be a catalyst to discussion across the industry. Please provide your answer to the below poll and comment. This will only work with your help so don’t be shy!

Suggested Questions for Commenting:

A) Will the future of operations and maintenance rely on the use of advanced telemetry/sensors, analytical tools, and expert systems to provide better efficiency, reliability, and safety for water and wastewater facilities?

B) If so, how far away are we from mass market adoption?

C) What is holding it back?

D) Share your experiences!!!! It’s free and it will help illuminate this issue and you may even find some shared interest and collaboration opps.


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One thought on “Open Thread: How important is the use of data analytics to support decisions in your work?

  1. All,

    Unlike many manufacturing and business operations that we see in which data analytics is critical to performance, the concepts have been slow to catch on in the water industry. I see this as a major impediment to progress is many areas: operations and maintenance optimization, customer relations management, water resource optimization, water quality optimization, demand forecasting, etc. etc. Virtually every area of utility operations could be improved with robust use of existing data with some augmentation, extraction of information and turning that information into enhanced decision-making. Again, this is what we see in other industrial sectors.

    Posted by John B Cook | January 31, 2012, 11:01 am

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