Case Studies, Water Technology Innovations

DC Water: The Case for Innovation in the Water Industry

DC Water General Manager: George Hawkins on their Smart Water Initiatives

5 Points on the Water Industry:

1) Essential Product

2) The system is in abysmal state. Given a grade of D – by national engineering association

3) Consumers do not understand the scale and scope of the infrastructure “out of sight, out of mind”

4) Lack of Innovation – Generally a monopoly, no choice on where to send or receive water = disincentive to improve efficiency through tech

5) Financial catastrophy is upon us b/c replacement rate of infrastructure is only 0.5% year

DC Water is different!

They are taking actionable steps to improve – Case in Point

Smart Water Innovation Partnership with IBM:

and how predictive analytics is changing the old mode of operating on paper, and through “its all in my head” information and operating procedures:

Who else is out there innovating?

Where is the interest?

Let those comments fly!


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