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Controlling the Water Industry – Sludge IV – Its all about the product

This last blog in sludge management will attempt to sum up what the other three blogs have already said and add a little bit more, looking at sludge management from a holistic point of view. So what is sludge all about, it used to be how we dispose of the waste products from the wastewater … Continue reading


  • This blog is brought to you by the good folks at the Whitewater Group with strong support from the Water Industry Process Automation and Control (WIPAC) Group on Linked In and all the contributors that make the blog one of the most read in the industry. I'd like to personally thank Oliver Grievson of Anglian Water Services, John Cook of ADMI, Seth Johnstone of Wachs, Eyal Brill of Whitewater, Alan Bland of AB-ility and David Zetland of the Aguanomics blog.

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  • Expert Tips For Continuous Water Quality Monitoring September 13, 2014
    Dustin will be sharing results and lessons learned from the Pennsylvania Continuous Instream Monitoring (CIM) program. Learn how you can reliably collect continuous data for the most common water quality parameters using advanced instrumentation, while cutting costs for standards, calibration and field vists. Discover how to leverage AQUARIUS Time-Series sof […]
  • Man-Made Wetlands Help Utilities Survive The Drought September 13, 2014
    As severe drought continues to afflict various states, some utilities are relying on a key innovation to help them get through it: man-made wetlands systems.
    Sara Jerome
  • Federal Report: EPA Fracking Oversight Not Enough September 13, 2014
    The federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently called out the EPA for not doing enough to protect drinking water from risks posed by oil and gas companies.
    Sara Jerome
  • Detroit Reaches Water, Sewer Deal September 13, 2014
    Following months of contention, bankrupt Detroit finally reached a deal to shore up its water and sewer finances, potentially saving the city money and funding improvements to its water system.
    Sara Jerome
  • California Drought Crisis: Billions Of Gallons Of Water Are Lost To Leaks Each Year September 13, 2014
    Amid extensive efforts to crack down on household water use in California, some experts say the best solution is simply plugging leaks.
    Sara Jerome
  • New York City's Water Supply In Danger September 13, 2014
    Should New York City residents be worried about their water supply?
    Sara Jerome
  • How To Save Time & Money By Calibrating Flow Meters Onsite September 12, 2014
    By Scott, Product Line Director If you have hundreds of mass flow controllers and meters or just a few in your lab, facility, or manufacturing process, how do you keep up with the demands of annual recalibration? Most flow meters and controllers need to be recalibrated yearly to meet stringent ISO quality standards. This requires technicians to remove the ma […]
  • Best Practices for Mass Flow Controller Manufacturing September 12, 2014
    By Erica, Marketing Manager In Part 1 of our mass flow controller best practices series, Best Practices for Mass Flow Controller Selection and Installation,  Sierra’s Chief Engineer John Smitherman compiled a comprehensive list of best practices for the selection, installation and operation of mass flow meters and controllers. With so many flow measurement p […]